Attention Deficit Delightfulness

And other life lessons

In any given situation...

There's only room for one person acting crazy.

Two people acting crazy is a recipe for something bad to happen, to bystanders or, more likely, either or both of them.

If it's the has flown off the handle, someone needs to hold that handle in place. Calm, collected.


From one ADD person to another, a tip:

If you haven't read Delivered from Distraction (Hallowell and Ratey) yet, it's the book I found to be the single most helpful resource following my (in retrospect totally obvious; among other things, I have never graduated from anything) diagnosis.

I had been beating myself up something severe over my perceived failings. I had the idea that if only I didn't have these certain traits of procrastination and inability to keep track of time (etc.) I'd be a damn superhero. Through reading that book (and a lot more hyperfocused study of ADD's manifestations and how the ADD brain works) I came to appreciate that my brain working that way is in large part responsible for not just my shortcomings but also many of my talents -- creative thinking, making useful connections other brains don't make, being able to be entirely unaware of the passage of time...

Anyway, just a note to say ADD can be a real gift (at least as much as it can be a real drawback) and hopefully you'll find yourself overall happier with yourself and more able to tailor your life to your strengths as a result of this knowledge. Good luck!